Drive traffic to your eBay store by offering unique discount codes that can be used in your eBay listings.

The Cindercube platform allows our eBay sellers to add a promotion field to their eBay listing descriptions. From this promotion field, buyers can enter in promotion codes and coupons to be redeemed instantly. As a seller you can set discount amounts, start and end dates, usage limits and more! You can allow coupons to be used on all your listings or only for specific items. Its all up to you!

We provide a great way to offer your loyal buyers discount incentives with your very own custom coupon codes. It's simple, using our platform you can create coupons for anything and anyone. This will be an invaluable tool providing new customer traffic to your eBay listings not to mention an incentive for repeat purchases. You can eve use them as a way to reward buyers who leave you positive feedback. Our platform has opened up a new avenue to selling on eBay and the possibilities are endless!

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