We provide the best solution to complex problems facing eBay sellers.

eBay is a cut-throat marketplace for sellers of every type. Not only is the competition constantly increasing, but shoppers are expecting more from their purchasing experience. As an eBay seller the tools at your disposal can be your greatest asset. The right set of tools can not only make you standout from the competition but also offer your buyers a much better shopping experience. At Cindercube we've put our collective thinking to good use in order to offer some of the greatest tools available for eBay sellers.

Seller Promotions and Coupons

Ever wanted to offer loyal buyers a coupon code to redeem for a discount on future purchases? Now you can! With our software platform you can create and manage promotions whether you want to drive traffic to your listings or to create a loyal customer base, it can be done. Create seasonal coupons, loyalty discounts, new customer acquisition incentives, and many more! The opportunities are endless. Not only is this tool invaluable for a seller, its extremely fast and easy for your buyers as well. You simply have our system insert a snip-it of code into your listings which allows your buyers to apply a coupon in as little as 2 clicks. When a buyer enters a valid promotion, our system will create a new listing for your buyer with the discount applied to the 'Buy it Now' price of the eBay item. Its a seamless process that takes but only a few seconds for your buyer to complete.

Product Configurator

Our product configurator is an amazing tool that allows your shoppers to customize and design your products to fit their exact needs and specifications. When buyers visit your listings they will be given the ability to customize the product using drop-down menus, radio buttons, check-boxes, and more! When the buyer is done customizing the product, they simply click a button and our system automatically generates a new listing for your buyer which includes all the options he/she selected. Not only will this dramatically increase your sale conversions, it will reduce the rate of returns. When buyers can select exactly what they want, they will be less likely to return it.

Future Development

We have many more tools and features in the tube for development and we're really excited about them! Some of these features will be revolutionary for many eBay sellers and as a subscriber, you will be on the cutting edge of the implementation of these great tools. Stay tuned!