Question 2. Am I charged an eBay fee for every listing the buyer creates?

Yes, all eBay listings that our software creates are subject to whatever insertion fees eBay charges you for a listing in that category. The fees can also depend on which store subscription you have with eBay. If you sell a high volume of products and expect your buyers to generate a lot of listings each month, it may be prudent to subscribe to an eBay store to reduce insertion fees.

Let us mention that at first glance uncommitted buyers can seem like a downside to our software but that's not necessarily the case. An uncommitted buyer is someone who customizes a product, creates the new listing, but for whatever reason decides not to purchase. When uncommitted buyers create listings they never purchase, it only serves to increase the seller's visibility on eBay and brings in a lot more traffic to their stores resulting in more (yes you guessed it), sales! The amount of lost insertion fees is also very minimal compared to the vast reduction in customer returns you'll most likely see using our software. When buyers are able to select exactly what they want, it dramatically reduced the probability of them returning their purchase. As eBay sellers we know that when a customer returns something, we take a large loss and if a 15 cent insertion fee is the difference between making a sale or not, we'd all do it in a heartbeat.