16 Jun
Introduction: Product Configurator
Post by Joe - Cindercube
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Welcome eBay sellers! We have just launched our software platform and I'd like to give those of you who have not tried our product configurator a little introduction!

First let me introduce myself, Joe, and our company, Cindercube LLC. As eBay sellers ourselves we have been right there with you as eBay has become one of the largest online selling venues in history. eBay has provided many of us with the ability to start our own small businesses from home or simply provide us with a second income when we need it most. Unfortunately with eBay's huge success there has come a wave of competitors in virtually every niche market. It truly is hard to rise above the fray and stand out. I, along with some great partners, have come together to build a software platform that enables sellers like us to become the top performers in our niche markets. We will offer our buyers the best and most memorable buying opportunities to bring them back again and again.

So what does Cindercube offer?

Let me start with this. eBay's complex and always changing algorithms make it near impossible to know exactly how to get our products seen by the people who need them. This is especially true for those of us selling custom made products with multiple variations. eBay's variation options are extremely limited and are only available in very few select categories. Not to mention they're really confusing! As sellers we are so to often stuck hoping that our buyers will happen to come across the exact item they are looking for, or at best, contact us if they see we sell something similar.

When a buyer is looking for something specific and the listing they click on does not quite measure up to their criteria, they'll leave and continue looking. Who knows if they'll ever stumble upon another one of your listings. When a buyer sees that there are options available with your products they will stay on your listing. Buyers on eBay tend to know how flooded the marketplace is so once they see a way for them to purchase exactly what they're looking for, they're extremely likely to do so. I'll write another blog post about understanding eBay buyers another time. =)

Well things are about to change for all of us! We've created the ability for anyone and everyone to offer their buyers the ability to fully customize their product to their exact specifications.

With the product configurator you can create a product with limitless variations using menu items such as dropdown menus, radio buttons, color swatches, and more!

You can set prices for each of the options along with weight adjustments so that eBay will calculate correct shipping costs of all your custom listings. Buyers will watch the price change in real-time allowing them to confidently configure the product.

Once the buyer is satisfied with their configuration, they'll click one button and our software platform will automatically create a new eBay listing matching their exact selections and price. The buyer will be taken to the new eBay listing where it can be purchased. This all takes place in a matter of seconds. No more back and forth emails and questions. No more buyer frustration trying to find the right product listing. Its extremely simple and a fantastic tool for all custom made products.

You can signup to use the product configurator free. In addition to our free subscription, we offer paid subscriptions for eBay sellers who need additional features and product options.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions. You can also do so on our Forum.


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